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zoo med 501 heater question

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Hey im new here but im definently not new to the hobby this will be my second planted nano. My first nano was probably the most fun i have had as a aquarist so i wanted to try something a little more advanced with my next attempt.

Well anyways my question is will the zoo med 501 work with this heater .


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Welcome to the Planted Tank! I would not recommend this heater for a nano tank, it is way too powerful. Also, the ZooMed 501 isn't made for inline devices like this, the flow is too weak. I'd recommend a regular in-tank heater, the smallest size you can find.
Completely agree with Wasserpest. See my thread Planning Mini-M Nano for my experience with the ZooMed 501. It is definitely not suited for anything more than sitting directly next to the tank with no obstructions whatsoever.

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