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After a long absence on Planted Tank and a complete disassembly of all my tanks I decided Last October to take the big step of moving my tanks to the basement. With this move I was able to finally get my first 75g aquarium.

My space allocated in the basement is 6x8' rectangle enough to custom build a 75g stand and add my edsal 36" in a corner for a future 40g and 29g.

I built the stand following the King of DIY's tutorial.
It is made with 2x4 Framing Wood and 3" Steel Screws.
The top is a Plywood and Foam Tile that you normally use for Basement Sub-floors.
Also Added a shelf (those flimsy boards from the edsal muscle rack) for the filter as I didnt want to lose any Flow with the head height being to low.
Also a space for an Insignia mini Freezer & Fridge.

With the stand completed and painted I decided to use all my existing plants and decor to save on money. With Christmas coming up I had to cut down on spending and now 3 months later (present day) I had to settle for this so far.

Top Fin 75g with Lids
Fluval 3.0 48"
Fluval FX4 with 3kg Biohome Ultimate Media
Flow Tamer Spraybar (ebay)
Aquatop 300W Titanium Heater
DIY 2x4 Stand
Frosted Window Film Background w/ Govee LED
JW Fusion 400 Air Pump w/ 4" Air Disc

Hardscape and Plants:
Anubias Nana
Java Fern
Echinodorus 'Red Diamond'
Hygrophila costata
Groot Planter (ebay)
6 Black Clay Pleco Caves
White Pool Filter Sand at front and Fluval Flourite in back

Fish and Snails:
12 Bleeding Heart Tetra
12 Skunk Corydoras
15 Rummynose Tetra
6 White Lyretail Molly
3 Zebra Lace Angelfish
2 Adult Bristlenose Pleco
Many Assassin Snails

Hikari Frozen Bloodworms
Hikari Frozen Brineshrimp
North Fin Community Flakes
North Fin Comunity Pellets
North Fin Kelp Wafers

I don't do Co2 as I had bad experience with it in the past. I Dose Excel and Flourish. But im currently battling a BBA outbreak in this tank. (existing plants had some)
I was thinking of getting an AutoDoser as I've been pretty lax on my dosing schedule... sometimes forgetting for days.

Seachem Flourish
Seachem Excel
Seachem Root Tabs

Water Schedule: With Seachem Prime
Every 2 Week Partial 25%
Monthly 50% Water changes
Filter cleanout every 2 months.

Youtube Video of the tank at night

Things to do:
-Hopefully in the future I can make the Stand look less ugly... maybe some doors or more trim.
-Sort out this ugly BBA problem with a doser of some sort
-I'm pretty maxed on Inhabitants but I wish i had some Kuhli's
-Complete the rest of the Basement with a 40g Breeder and move my old 29g Dragonstone.
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