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Just a lonely betta for now.
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Previous photo 20210207 (prior to planting). It just had some dragonstone, driftwood, black sand gravel, fake plastic plant and cave, and my betta splendens, named Beidou by my daughter. I've since removed the fake decorations, planted, set up diy co2, and added some more critters and fish.

Here's a current (2021-03-17) photo of my 10 gallon aquarium:


  • dragon stone
  • driftwood
  • black sand gravel

  • rotola macandra (They used to be TALL ... and then I chopped/pruned them down to get rid of the raggedy bits.
  • ludwigia repens
  • alternaanthera reineckii mini
  • cryptocoryne wendtii x2 (RIP? I'm pretty sure they're dead-dead. They didn't survive transit during the 'Big Freeze' in Texas. I was hoping they'd surprise me and bounce back from the sad little root stumps they were, but they haven't.)
  • dwarf hairgrass
  • bucephalandra sp silver powder
  • bucephalandra sp micro belindae
  • java fern india
  • ludwigia palustris super red (I didn't realize the macandra, pre-chop, were shading them, and I forgot I even had them in there. I've since relocated them to the back behind the hardscape where they have plenty of light.)
  • r. rotundifolia (I may have been a little overzealous with the snippity-snip...)
  • phoenix moss
  • anubias nana petite

equipment: - eheim jager 50w heater
  • marineland penguin 150 (with a diy bottle-baffle to reduce the flow for my betta) and a fluval prefilter
  • diy co2 (citric acid & baking soda)
  • finnex 24/7 planted+ hlc

  • neocaridina shrimp (Started with 12, and they've been hiding a lot until recently. I can usually see around five or so. Anyway, once I am sure I can keep shrimp and not murder them, I'll swap them out for better color grade.)
  • betta splendens (My daughter named him Beidou after the Genshin Impact character. We've had him for maybe 1.5 years or so?)
  • 11 neon tetras (We originally had 12, but Beidou thought one was 'dinner' when he first saw them. Don't worry, he hasn't tried to chomp any since, and they all get along fine. He even leaves the shrimp alone! Good little betta!)
  • I'm hoping to pick up some Corydoras pygmaeus (pygmy corys) soon.

Aquarium has been running since Feb 2021, seeded with some media from Beidou's original little aquarium.

Please excuse the messy appearance of the equipment. The filter will (eventually) be replaced by a canister, and I plan on rearranging the rest of the equipment, air lines, and wires once I have a proper stand and can situate things properly. I may even dabble in pressurized co2, but the diy version seems to be doing fine. The drop checker isn't green, but I had everything off while I did a water change and a quick vacuum, anyway.
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