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I am in the process of setting up a new 29 gallon aquarium. This is my first journal/post on this forum. I am still in the early phases rounding up all the equipment that I plan to run on this tank. But here is a preview of what I have going on so far.

-Standard 29 Gallon Tank with DIY black background
-Eheim 2215 Plus (in the mail)
-Hydor 200W Inline Heater
-Current USA T5HO 2x24W Fixture (with 12k and floramax)*
-AZOO CO2 regulator with solenoid valve
-GLA Atomic Bubble Counter
-GLA Atomic CO2 Diffusor​

* I have this light from another tank. I want to try it on the 29 before I shell out more cash on bigger fixture.

I plan to pick up two bags of eco-complete and some driftwood from my LFS as soon as the filter arrives. I am still unsure of what plants/livestock are going to fill the tank aside from the current residents of my 10 gallon.

Any comments/suggestions? I will post some pictures soon, and plan to update this journal frequently during the early life of this tank.
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