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Zerojoe's ADA mini s (Pics added!)

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So starting a new scape! So i was watching some video on discovery channel about the amazon river....which inspired me to create a scape something similar.

Lighting: Catalina Aquarium 2 x 13watt light box
Filtration: toms 80c canister filter
Substrate: ADA Amazonian I powder

Rocks: ADA Yamaya stones
Wood: 3 pieces

More info later!
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Nice scape! I almost have the same equipments as you do.

Looking forward to see how this goes.
thanks! i just saw your scape! and omg mine looks a bit similar to yours! hahahaha!

well thanks to you, i know that i could use my spear canister!
Wow, I tought that was a 1 piece wood stump right there until I read it. Good looking scape, you don't even need any plants to make it look any better ^^
nice aquascaping, hope to post some picture in the future when the tank will be ready :)
it always look so good outside the tank, but when you go and move it into tank.
you are gonna have different ideas :D

nice scape!
What plants are you planning to use?
i think imma keep it low light plants! less maintenance....
that looks like it is going to kick some butt, i cant wait to see how it comes along.
So here we go! first imma tie some moss!

Then imma tie the 2 pieces of wood together

Now put them in the tank, and then plant the other plants....

So what do you guys think?

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Looking good. Maybe a tall background plant to hide the internal filter?
Little up date on the tank

changed some stuff around.....instead of spiky moss, i went with Mini Pellia and trying out some fissidens fontanus

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1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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