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Zero Edge

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I saw one of these today at my LFS, I was stunned how awesome it was.
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Ugh, I thought I was finally going to open a thread where somebody got one. I think I'll melt in my chair with envy when it does happen. :eek5: $1,200

what a ridiculously impractical idea.
I'm sure it looks great in a store,
but it must be a leveling, water top
off nightmare to actually own, and
who stands over their aquarium to
admire it at home? if you have a
wood joist floor, just walking by
this thing will only disturb it :hihi:

if you neglect to top off the water,
can you imagine what a smelly mess
that outer edge gutter will become?
whenever the salt water dries on
the outside glass, it must leave some
awful mineral stains behind each time.

with that water spill over, it must lose
an inch of water a day in the winter.
I lose a 1/2" per day without any
water movement in my 18x30" tank,
which has a similar open top surface.

Let's try not to salivate over every
new $$$ gimmick that comes along.
it only discourages people from this
hobby in the long run, by cheating
them out of money that could be
better spent on useful equipment.

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I tend to agree with spypet. I checked out a few of these set up at an LFS and at first I must admit they had a big wow factor, but after a few minutes the impractical factors started adding up quickly as to how much of a PITA these things would actually be to live with and maintain.
I don't know. There is an LFS near me that has had one set up for a long time. I've never been impressed with the maintenance on their other tanks so I have to wonder how difficult these really are to maintain? I think they look nice but they are almost to much about the tank and too little about the inhabitants.

I am pretty sure these have a sump. With a sump setup the tanks level remains constant. The water level in the sump will recede but not the display.
i really dont care, its still a very cool concept. setting up a PITA? probably, but its not my problem LOL.
I think its cool, and I can see where it wouldn't be a good aquarium to set up. On a concrete slab with a MH pendant above it, I think it would be awesome though. The tank has to have some type of sump or recirculation tank that holds excess water to be pumped back into the tank. It would run dry in a day if it didn't.
Just pray you don't get GSA or GDA; four panes of glass are now eight panes to clean and scrub!
We have one at work/sw LFS. It has solaris pendant lighting and is an awesome display, particularly for clams since they look best from above. Fish will not stay in this tank. It does have a sump and maintenance is a has an auto-top-off,{most sw hobbyists have one} I thought that the glass would be alot of trouble to keep clean, but really it's not.
The smallest unit, 26 gallons, is 2-grand without the pump.
The smallest unit, 26 gallons, is 2-grand without the pump.
That's the main problem with these things. I can just imagine some of the folks that drop money on stuff like this.

I love the idea and the visual, we build the same concept into swimming pool and hot tub spill-overs and negative edges. I've never setup a sump so wasn't sure about how evaporation would work out, but I would definitely have an autofill whether it came with or had to be added by myself. Topping off open reef tanks is a constant little chore anyway, regardless of what tank you have. If I was going to drop funds like that I would go all out.

I don't entirely agree fish won't stay in it, there are plenty of reef species that know to stay in the water unless they want to become bird food. I've had a goby in an open 8gl for over a year.

I don't think I would plant it if I had one, definitely hard corals and tridacnas with an MH combo pendant. Plants are cool to look at from the top for a minute but that's about it. It doesn't compare to walking through the shallows of Costa Rica and peering down into the reefs, actinics only make it more of a show by illuminating the fluorescent proteins.
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I imagine the folks who have the money to drop on these are either hardcore enthusiasts or folks with money who don't understand a thing. I feel horrible for the latter.
Everytime I go into the lfs I have to stand for a minute and stare at theirs which is also setup with a solaris led lighting system. I think they wanted something like 3 or 4 grand for the setup.

gears were turning in my diy brain... cant be that hard to do... if only i wasnt setting up a 240g... I would agree though that it would be more suited for marine... it just doesnt seem like plants and fw fish are all that interesting to look at from above.
gears were turning in my diy brain... cant be that hard to do...
some guy on a reef forum did it.
then he tried to sell it for $1000
and still couldn't get $400 for it.
he did a pretty great job too.
his only drawback was not being
able to get water to spill over
the corners of his square tank.
if I find the thread I'll post it.
If I was going to go through the trouble to build something like that I'd probably try to use acrylic with rounded corners (well at least 3 of the corners rounded). But yeah, if it was square you would probably get a break in the water at each corner. Was it reef central? I could do a search - but about 95% of the time the search is disabled due to high traffic... maybe they would have less traffic if you could search instead of reposting the same old questions thats been asked and answered a million times. :icon_roll
I'm considering the 24x24x14 model. I'd like to see it in person, but I think I'm sold from the videos...
Why? I'm stuck in an apartment with limited space and can't have a huge show tank. People have no problem dropping $800+ on a midsize ADA tank. This is pretty much all inclusive, and with a lifetime warranty to boot. I'll be sure to take plenty of pics when this hits my door step. ;]

Anyone else have one or know anyone with firsthand experience with the tank? I'd love to hear it.
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