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zeldar's mini-m "driftwood mountain"

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I had been using this mini-m as an iwagumi. Everything was fine as I dry started the HC, until I filled the tank and the water got SUPER muddy. It wasn't tannins or anything like that, it was actually mud from the substrate. I used brand new Aquasoil II but it seemed to crumble easily and I guess this led to the mud water. Anyway, long story short I had to scrap the iwagumi.

So since I have had two HORRIBLE experiences with aquasoil I went back to Azoo Plant Grower substrate which worked wonderfully in another of my tanks. So hopefully it will work out again. I had planned to do another iwagumi until I saw an amazing piece of driftwood on Rod's (DS Drifter) website. I asked him if it was available and he said he had sold it to a local shop. I was pretty bummed out as I loved the piece. Well Rod said he would try to get the piece back from the shop if they hadn't sold it yet. He was able to go and get it for me. I can not thank him enough because he definitely didn't need to do that for me. I know it was a HUGE hassle for him but he did it willingly. Definitely the best customer service I have ever encountered. If you are in the market for some unique driftwood ask Rod because he will go out of his way to make sure you get what you are looking for.

I really like how the scape turned out. I used some longer dwarf hairgrass in the background as well as some hydrocotyle. In the foreground is e. belem and some more hydrocotyle. I also put some mini pellia in the crevices of the driftwood. I'll let it dry start for awhile so the mini pellia can attach to the wood.

On to the specs.

Tank: Do Aqua mini-m
Lighting: two 13watt Ott Lites
Filtration: Tom Rapids mini canister
Substrate: azoo plant grower
Flora: e. belem, dwarf hairgrass, hydrocotyle, mini pellia
Livestock: not sure yet



top view

e. belem and hydrocotyle

close up of left side of driftwood with mini pellia
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I love all your tanks, I'm shure this won't disappoint anyone. Hopefully the mp spreads on the wood like on your tree stump. I've never seen a scape done like this before, where there is a large driftwood as a focal and I'm assuming no other hardscapes.
wow very nice i really like the driftwood especially with the pellia
looks like a legit mountain to me should be awesome when it fills in
keep it up :thumbsup:
very nice piece of wood. but probably would work better in a bigger tank
I think the size of the wood compared to the tank is what makes it so impressive. Its a great focal point
thanks a bunch guys!

I agree with ya Teal, the wood is just a tad big. I had to attach some slate to the bottom because the wood is verrrry buoyant. But once the belem carpets and the hairgrass in the back grows up to the waters surface, I think the scale will look better.

Oh yea forgot to add, I am going to raise the lights another 2 inches so they are not right on top of the wood. I have a feeling algae on the wood might be a monster.

Any ideas livestock wise? I have always wanted some clown killifish. Would this be a suitable home for them? I know they like to hang at the water surface with plants. But the only plants that might make it to the surface is the hairgrass, so would that be enough for them to feel secure? I am going to cut a piece of acrylic for a lid for this tank as I know killi's like to jump and if I don't go killi's I had also thought about keeping high grade CRS which jump as well. Any other suggestions?
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yah, if the tank was just a bit bigger it would be perfect.

on a scape like this i would go with shrimps. and it would be real nice when plants fill in around the piece of wood
Teal, I'm leaning towards shrimp. Although, I could always add a small school of microrasbora or similar.

Thanks Gill!

I might try swapping the ott lites for a hampton bay light I have laying around. The right side of the tank seems to get shaded from wood so the extra wattage might help.
Hardscape looks really nice. For livestock, I would get some CPDs
Appreciate it Vadim, I have CPDs in a different tank and love them. However, I don't think there is enough room for them in this tank. The driftwood takes up a big chunk of the tank so there isn't a whole bunch of free swimming space.

I am also contemplating moving my 2 CPO's over here. I think they would love to climb the driftwood.
I decided to do a test fill to make sure the wood wouldn't float. So I SLOWLY filled the tank and since the wood stayed put, I guess I am going to leave it filled.

Got the filter hooked up and running, the diy co2 going, and dosed some micro ferts. I also added some anubias petite and more MP to the emmersed part of the wood. I maily did this to prevent/hide the nasty algae that tends to build at the water line.

I take some pictures tomorrow of the water filled tank. So far, I am very pleased with how the scape turned out.
interesting scape! can't wait till its filled in! i already have a image of it in my head of the tank with the plants filled in....pretty cool!

keep us posted!
Very Clever idea with the wood, first time I have seen it used that way....did you think of this yourself or see it somewhere else?
Thanks zero!

ester, yea i guess i thought of it myself. lol i just saw the wood and instantly thought it would look cool as a "mountain".

Here are some pics i took today. As you can tell, the anubias is wilting pretty fast. It doesn't look like emmersed was a good idea. Has anyone else tried this? The light is about 3 1/2 inches from the leaves but its probably just not enough moisture for the leaves. Maybe if it sprouts new leaves, they will do better?

emmersed section

the great divide (reminds me of the passage way in 300, between the 2 mountains)

from the right side of the tank

just to gauge growth
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The tank is getting the usual new tank algae. Hopefully its nothing that will linger.

I am still in limbo on what livestock to put in here? Any suggestions? I kinda want some fish in here and maybe move my two CPO's in as well.

nasty ol algae

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how about some white cloud "mountain" minnows :)
Those pipes are pretty sweet. Where'd you get em? :wink:

coming along nicely.. I can't get over how awesome that DW is.
i think it looks more life the egde of a cliff. it's a hot tank !
I'm following this.this looks cool
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