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This tank was a semi dutch up until last week. I decided to throw some rocks in there to make a scape. I left the R. Green in the back right corner and Belem hairgrass up front so had to put the rocks in according to that. So 1 minute later the scape was done. I replanted the Colorata behind the stones and added some C. Parva in between the rocks. I decided the back right needed to have more slope so I was lazy and just dumped a cup full of substrate on the R.Green. About half of the stems were covered but oh well, they will grow back.

Tank: ADA mini-m mist
Filter: Eheim 2213
Light: Old school 26w Hampton Bay CF
CO2: GLA paintball reg with inline atomic diffuser
Substrate: Eco Complete
Ferts: PPS Pro
Plants: R.Colorata, R.Green, Butterfly, HM, Belem hairgrass, C.Parva
Fauna: betta (was a bad boy and tried to eat adult RCS in low tech cube, got banished to here), 2 assassin snails

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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