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Zebra Danio Breeding questions

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Hey guys!

So i have acquired some Zebra Danio's from a buddy of mine over the last few months. I got 2 10g tanks from Goodwill(amazing place to find cheap cheap tanks BTW!) and had planned on using them for breeding. Not my preferred setup as i'd like 3 tanks, 2 for parents, 1 for breeding/spawning.

I've had some terrible luck with these guys mainly due to stupid things on my end so i've got some questions hoping to be answered by the wonderful Planted Tank community. I've bread live bearers multiple times with huge success(not difficult though).

So here goes a blast of questions!

1. Does the tank need to be cycled?

2. Water changes for eggs - How often am i looking at water changes? Once a day? Once every other day?

3. Water changes for fry - I've been told every day is required, however with my live bearer breeding, i was doing it in a cycled tank and changing once every week. Is it required everyday for egg based fry?

4. What type of filtration should i be using? I have a HOB filter with a very fine sponge at the intake of the filter. I also have a "rocket filter" (seen in the link below). Its an air pump based filter that contains lava rock and a filter fiber.

5. If using the rocket filter only, how often should I be cleaning it? Once its dirty? Once a day regardless of dirtiness?

6. For separating the parents from the eggs, would window screen work? I don’t really want to purchase a breeding net if I don’t need to which is why im thinking window screen will work pretty well. Ideas?

Rocket Filter image