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Your thoughts on my 10 gallon?

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so, this is my setup!

Lights- two 15W 6500K CFL (on 8 hours a day)
Substrate- Pool filter sand (no good.)
Ferts- Flourish + Flourish Excel (i dose excel every day as per the instructions, and i dose Flourish 2 times per week)

i have only had the CFL's for 4 days now, before i was running junk stock lights in my hood. i am already noticing a difference in my Fissidens Fontanus moss.

i have a bunch of Algae growing on my glass, this started before i got the CFL's, i also have light dark green algae growth on some of the leaves of some of the plants in the tank,

i was thinking of setting up a DIY Co2 unit tomorrow, would this help with the algae?

Now my substrate.... i wasnt originally going to do a planted tank with this tank, so i just put the sand in, i have leftover ADA aquasoil i would LOVE to get in there, but i have nowhere to put my shrimp, and my favorite fish my freshwater gobies while it goes through the whole leaking ammonia stage and probably a cycle.... i have a 33 gallon setup but its full of Apistogrammas and dont want them to kill the fish from my 10.

any thoughts on anything?
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One of those clamp on light shades for any screw in bulb can be hung over the tank with the CFL bulb in it. I've seen people line them/w aluminium foil and/or paint them on the outside/remove the clamp etc as far as efficiency/looks is concerned but mainly to raise it higher than just using the clamp on top of the tank. Why...cause ONE CFL bulb @ 11-13W is too much right at the very top of the tank if there are few plants.
Any more than that and you'll never be rid of algae without using an algacide weekly.

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You should also say whether the CFLs are vertical or horizontal, what the reflector is and if they are raised off the tank and how much.

I have a 10g with 2 10W CFLs which are raised about 1/2 foot. May be raised a little too much but my algae seems to be dying. The CFLs are in dome Brooder reflectors - very efficient I think.

The first thing I would think of about algae growth would be excess light. After that, keeping the plants growing well.
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