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Yikesjason's 33gal Rimless

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Hobbies always kind of wax and wane. I have been waning for the the last year. So, for several reasons, I decided to downsize my 150 gal to a really nice rimless tank. I just got it set up this weekend after building a stand and light hanger. I didn't take any pictures during the building. It is an ADA style with a dark mahogany stain. I am not 100% happy with how the stain came out, but over all I am happy with the stand. I even added a false ceiling inside with mini can lights and a dimmer switch for the leds.

Here are a couple of pictures. I want to get a few more foreground plants like downoi and one other, and I also have some acrylic lily pipes on the way.

This is just the lighting from the two 21w par30 led bulbs.

This has some extra lighting.

Just the tank.
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Hey jason, before I do the outlet lily pipe bends. Where do you want the lily pipe to be situated at in this tank. I'll try to make the bends as tight as possible without them becoming ugly, but about the most I can do is 2" with the 3/4"
I did some additions to the tank.

I didn't include pictures of the inside of the stand before.

There is a ceiling inside the stand with a pair of mini can lights, dimmer for the leds, switch for the cans, and it hides most of the wiring.
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Beautiful set up. Very clearly set up by an experienced aquariast.
What are the spec?
WhAt lights? Led? Cre?
What substrate?
How much co2?

Want to go led but it's a bit confusing.
Each led bulb has 7 x 3w cool white cree leds. I also moved my 65w florescent floodlights over from the big tank for the big anubias growing out the top. That way they don't reach out under the leds and block the light for the tank.
For substrate I have the new Amazonia multi.
I am still working on co2 levels. I have an inline diffuser for the co2.
Marineland C-360 canister, with a Hydor 300w inline heater. Soon I will add some acrylic lily pipes.
I am slowly adding fish. Here is what I am up too.

1 small ALFBN pleco
2 common otos
3 rummy nose tetras
12 mosquito rasboras
6 pygmy corys

On the way
10 CRS from Liam

Still to be ordered
amano shrimp
nerite snails

to be bought locally or just transferred from the other tank
7 rummy nose tetras
maybe some khulii loaches
maybe some type of apisto pair
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Wow. It has been 5 years!!

This has been kind of the ultimate low maintenance tank.

A little food 2 or 3 times a week.
Top off the water every couple weeks.
Do a little clean up about every 6 months.
Do a full clean and trim with filter clean out about once a year.
No CO2, no fert, I don't even run the leds, just the fluorescence lights from the ceiling.

It get pretty neglected at times, but then I spend an hour cleaning it up and it looks great.

I tried my hand at a small saltwater setup a couple years ago, but you just can't do anything this low maintenance with saltwater.

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My three-year-old has taken a greater interest in fish lately. This morning he decided to feed them. I saw the whole bottom of the aquarium covered in small pellets. He found a small container of shrimp food and dumped the whole thing in. Aren't children wonderful?

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Are the large emersed plants Anubias gigantea?
I am not sure if it is gigantea or hastifolia, or it might be some other. I am not sure. These don't look exactly like either of those.
A little over a year ago I over trimmed the leaves and roots and they are just not the same as they used to be.

Bump: This is what they used to look like.
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Not much has changed over the years with this tank. Still just top off the water about once per week and a general trim and clean up about once per year. I am planning to shut it down though as I am getting ready for a move. I do still dream of doing a high flow bookcase aquarium some day.
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