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Okay I have several plants for ya'll to ID. Got them from a guy cheap. Just checking his ID's. Well first one is a green crypt he said it was crypt willisii...

Plant Terrestrial plant Leaf vegetable Grass Aquatic plant

The second one is a red crypt, that's all he kept calling it said he didn't know what the name was. I know crypts are hard to ID without the flower so no big deal if ya'll can't name it.

Plant Terrestrial plant Organism Vegetation Aquatic plant

This one is my favorite! I love how large the leaves are and the colors. He said to trim it to keep it low, but I think I may let a leaf or two get to the surface for a bit of shade. As you can tell my loach seems quiet happy with the plant also. They love swimming back and forth to the different leaves lol.

Plant Natural environment Organism Vegetation Terrestrial plant

Plant Organism Terrestrial plant Leaf vegetable Wood

Plant Petal Terrestrial plant Aquatic plant Grass

Last plant he had no idea just said it was "a fun little plant" lol. I've only got 1 stem of this so this is the main one I need to figure out so I don't murder it in some horrible fashion!
Plant Vegetation Terrestrial plant Leaf vegetable Grass

Water Plant Organism Terrestrial plant Vegetation

Thanks for the help guys, and please ignore the condition of my tank. I am just placing all these plants in there until I can get my new 55 gallon set up and moving everything into there.

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