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Yet another DSM validation thread.

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I sense that DSM may be a case to case basis, from what I understand at least.

Substrate is Fe rich soil mixed with river sand. I'm avoiding the term 'laterite' because I'm pretty sure it's not just laterite.

I know Glosso works well with DSM , but can you grow hygrophilia polysperma emersed as well?

I read somewhere that once you flood it, you should lower the intensity of the lights? I'm running mine low to medium level, should i bump it up when DSM'ing?

Here's a link to the tank, just in case. =b

Thanks in advance! =)
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People here actually advise to increase the lighting intensity and photo period during DSM. I run a 96 watt light over my 10g for 16 hours during DSM and then switch to 54 watts for 8 hours during submersion.
No algae problems and plenty of CO2. Blast away.
Awesome! Thanks for the replies guys!

Just to update the thread, here are some photos of the DSM

Crossing my fingers that everything goes well..
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