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i have tried many type of co2 diffusers, i found GLA atomic diffuser to work very well as it was said to produce mist type bubbles, this is one of the best diffuser you can buy out there, but honestly it only works very well under certain conditions like having a high BPS rate and more circulation in the tank. you may ask why would i add more bps, well i have a high light and i dose heavy, maybe that will answer your question. if not then my next answer is, that it was not able to gasp my fish, now you will become :confused: with that answer, that's right it was not able to gasp them, even drop checker was lime/yellow. fish seems normal but i don't think i could put more bps on this diffuser because bubbles becomes very large if i do that. i have broken low pressure PSI gauge and i cant tell what psi its at, i know this could make an big difference but bps were kept the same on both diffuser and reactor.

it has been since 8 months i used my rex style reactor, i just hooked it up 2 days ago and you can clearly see the results by looking at the plants, plants were all covered with mist and bubbles and i could see new shoots out from some of them. fish were also on the top looking for O2, i thought i killed them today while i was at work.

i think the results with the reactor are much better because it diffuse the co2 completely in the water and all the plants will get it, while diffuser will still miss some spots in the tank.

am not comparing or doing any review on either one, they both are good to diffuse the co2 but IME reactor still have its pros.

my next experiment is to hook up the inline diffuser and have the diffused bubbles go through the reactor to see what kind of results i get with that.

i will post some pictures when i find my camera.
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