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yet another carnivorous plant thread....

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and helped rekindle this hobby for me shoutouts to him...

the neps:









the ceph

heliamphora minor

the dews:




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not to be redundant, but, WOW!
Is that N. ventricosa the Porcelain clone/ true species I gave you? That intermediate pitcher is already showing some of the characteristic fluting in the peristome and you can see how the peristome is starting to become more horizontal rather than curling backward.

When it produces true uppers and the conditions are optimal it will be pretty much a solid creamy white color.

I miss my CP hobby... I was a Nepenthes and Sarracenia snob. I don't have room in college or the conditions for them :( Thats why I'm taking a break and trying planted aquaria now.

Sorry to hijack!
Yup. it is! i didnt know that those were intermediate pitchers growing there. i assumed they were the lower ones.

oh and here were some shots of some abnormal pigmentation i was mentioning to you about:

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Woot! Nice collection man! Out of total curiosity, how much did you have to shell out for that Nep. jamban? I've never seen that one go for less than 3 digits.

If you ever take cuttings or get some basal shoots from any of your Neps, hit me up. The only tropicals I've got at the moment are N. ventricosa and N. sanguinea at this point, and I want more!
You have a very nice collection going there. How are you keeping all of them? Do you have a greenhouse?
thanks everyone!

@jerry: i currently grow them all in different conditions. the neps, helis, and cephs all grow in a highland terra on my window shelf which helps regulate the temps. the drosera are in a lowland tank. all grown on t5s.

@lego: yeah, the jamban cost me a pretty penny--112 or 120 if you wanted to get specific, cant remember, it's was about a year ago. got it as a birthday present. i'll keep you in mind---i've already promised a basal to someone else, and i want to keep the other one, but if it keeps making basals, i'll pm you.
Like they said, "WOW" those are some really nice plants. Love those Sundews! Like fourth of July!
a couple more pictures:
Heliamphora sarraceinioides

Pinguicula agnata 'blue flower'
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...I'm going to admit, I have no idea what it is. But that last one, Pinguicula agnata. It's so beautiful. And I want one. And I can't have one, because I know I'd kill it.
I can't even grow a venus flytrap, no. :(

....Do you have to hand feed them? (Yeah, you can't tell I wandered in here and got lost.)
Those are so awesome.
@allegoriest: it's called a butterwort. this species originates from Mexico, and can be grown as a tropical plant. bright but not direct light, grown in damp but not waterlogged conditions. and i do hand feed my plants (more with like tweezers) since there arent many bugs inside the house. there's a sporadic supply of fungus gnats, but not enough to keep the plants happy.
...I'm going to admit, I have no idea what it is. But that last one, Pinguicula agnata. It's so beautiful. And I want one. And I can't have one, because I know I'd kill it.
I can't even grow a venus flytrap, no. :(

....Do you have to hand feed them? (Yeah, you can't tell I wandered in here and got lost.)
Those are so awesome.
Just like allegoriest I stumbled upon the wrong forum section and found this thread. I am very glad I did because I did not see this whole other world of plants! I did not know that there were more carnivorous plants past the venus flytrap. I think some of these guys were the inspiration for pokemon like weepinbell and victreebel :tongue:

Thanks for the inspiration. I think I'll be looking into carnivorous plants for the future. Very cool.
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Where did you get all the amazing Nepenth? They all look so great! I have N. alata and N. miranda. I bought the miranda while in FL. Now that I have brought it back to VA, it's not growing pitchers. It seems to have stopped growing; just staying the way it was (minus the old pitchers). I have moved both to a humidity tray. Is there anything that would cause the delay in growth? They are both indoors (and like I said, now on a humidity tray with artificial light). Thanks!
Fishies - it may just be adapting to its new environment. My Neps produce loads of pitchers during the summer when they're outside, but usually drop all of them when they come in for winter. They may not produce more for a couple months, but they should eventually. High light and humidity can help with pitcher production too.
Thanks for answering so quickly! The alata seems to be growing them again. I guess the bigger plant will take a little longer. :icon_bigg
@fishies: thanks a tell you the truth, i started my collection around this obtaining rare plants in a very short time is very much possible---what probably is a limiting factor will be the wallet. but even so, scouring carnivorous plant forums, looking at vendors, meeting people/contacts will be your best bet at getting these plants.
as for your neps, they are simply adjusting to your weather conditions in VA. it is very much normal for plants to drop pitchers during the acclamation process. give them plenty of lighting (both natural and artificial if possible), make sure their pots stay moist and damp---they should start to bounce back. lego gave some pretty good advice.

oh and Nepenthes is the genus name, both singular and plural. but in forum speak, it can be shortened to Nep (singular) or Neps (plural)
Hey Jon, would you mind posting pics and details of your highland setups? I've been trying to work out a system that'll let me give the HL'ers cool nights, but I'm kind of at a loss. During the colder months, I think a window tank would work fine, but Indiana summers are freakin' hot and it's tough to keep the temps low enough for them. It's perfect for lowlanders, but true highlanders would be tough to keep around here without a specialized setup, I think.
@lego: sure thing!

the layout has changed somewhat from the pics as more and more plants came into play. the lowland chamber no longer exists, i moved all my LL plants into a larger tank. as for temp control, i always had my blinds closed. no sunlight, if any, gets into the tank at all (this helps greatly with temp control during the day)--the tank is purely grown off artificial lighting. 2 ultrasonic foggers are at the ends of the tank, and i use this baby for circulation--cant recommend this fan enough; it generates so much air flow despite its small size. for super super hot nights, i use ice packs and place them in the water to cool down the tank.
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