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Yellowish, leggy plants - Need more or less light?

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This is a new tank, fully cycled, planted 3 weeks ago. 38 gallons, 24" tall, running a 30" Finnex 24/7 in 24/7 mode. It is 21.5" from light to substrate, no CO2. My plants are starting to look yellow, more so than the picture shows. Particulary the myrio pinnatum. The mexican oak is really leggy too. Bacomba is losing some color.

I am wondering if running in 24/7 mode is not enough light or, counterintuitively, too much light. Or something else entirely, or tank is too new to know. Nitrates are 10-20ppm without adding any KNO3. The last two weeks I have dosed 1/16 tsp KH2PO4, and 1/2 tsp Equilibrium. GH is 5, KH 3. I dosed Seachem phosphorus because my test showed 0ppm. I also ordered the Flourish Iron, not here yet.

I am not having any major algae problems. With houseplants, leggy growth typically means not enough light. I really try not to ask dumb questions! I've spent hours on the web and forums trying to wrap my head around par and nutrients and low tech and hi tech. Now I'm just like :|

The ancharis in the picture is nice and green cause I just planted it. The others are more yellow than they appear in the pics, for reference. Any thoughts?


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