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yellow stripe shrimp pics

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Also known as goldflake or caridina spinata.
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wow they are beautiful... i have fish only tanks and planted tanks.. it looks like your shrimps will make me step into shrimp tanks.. my wife will kill me.. :D
nice! Where did you get these beauties?
very nice indeed. question...what type of substrate are you using and the leaves for your fodder?
Lee are these the same as the yellow cheeks?
ceiji, show your wife the shrimp, maybe she will let you have a shrimp tank.
matti, they are indeed very nice.
shadow, we imported them from a group buy.
james, the substrate is mixture of caribbean sea's sands, aragonite and coral.
Lee are these the same as the yellow cheeks?
Yes janftica, they are both caridina spinata, but this one doesn't have the yellow flakes on the cheeks.
WOW, They are beautiful...Will you be selling them anytime soon?
aquavert, I don't have a lot now, maybe later when they breed.
Not a problem but I will stay in touch...They are eye catching !!!
That's incredible! Most interesting looking shrimp I have ever seen!
Great looking shrimps!!! Sulawesi?
Yes Sulawesi.
The similarities between Sulawesi & SW shrimp never cease. You've got all the nice shrimp guppies :)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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