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Yellow Shrimps turn Green?

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My bf bought Yellow shrimps through our local forum awhile back and the majority of them turned the same color as the one shown here. He bought 15 and only 5 stayed yellow while the other 10 turned greenish yellow after we have feed them spinach and lettuce. We can't tell from their offsprings yet. We doubt it could be the food because the other 5 didn't change.

Any ideas?
This is EXACTLY what they look like (picture from james0816):
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They heard about "going green" and thought it would be a good idea, is all.
Good one :hihi:

Does this make anyone else think of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? You know the part "Violet you're turning violet." then she blue up like a plum. I sure did, made me think that the other shrimp that remained yellow said "Fred, your turning green!!!!"
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