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Yellow leaves

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Help me..Why almost my plant got yellow on it's tip and corner ? Lack of light, CO2 or substrate ? Thank's before.
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Lack of light and lack of iron?
Could you give us tank sizes? lights co2 ?
My tank size is 7g with 13w of light and electric/reactor CO2 type..I am using Tetra initial sticks for the sand, Tetra crypto tablet for the roots and Tetra Florapride as liquid fertilization. My lights up 8hours a day. What should i do to make the leaves looks green & healthy ? Thank's.
How old is the setup, what specific plant and how old are they after being intoduced?

What is the running temperature of your tank? (might be a tad too hot as well)

Some newly bought plants, esp those from emmersed form origin will melt/turns brown and replaced with sumbersed form of leaves.

I believe you have enough light with 13W over 7g for running a low light tank.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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