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Yellow Labs Fry

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I have labidochromis was holding so I moved her to a 5 gallon...yesterday, I see 1 fry swimming around- fairly good size imo -my first time with this fish so cant say for sure.
Today, I see a 2nd fry- same size....She still isnt eating and acting like she is still holding....
I thought all fry would hatch at the same time and the #'s would be more prolific.....amy ideas?
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I'd leave her in there and put the kids in a netbreeder as they appear in the 5 gallon.
Sounds like you don't have enough cover for the holding female to feel safe. Is her jaw looking almost painfully full? Possible to see fry moving when looking at her from the front because she can't close her mouth fully? She will not release the fish if she doesn't feel safe but as they get larger some will slip out and she can't pick them up again.

I add lots of rocks for cover and as the female feels safer she will release the fry and when you see fry, catch her and put her back into the main tank. It is much easier and safer to catch the large fish rather than the easily damaged fry. Yellow lab fry will be big enough to start eating finely crushed flake food right away. If it is possible several small feedings a day at first.

Heh! Buddy! can you tell me where to hide these?
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Try a pile of small stones in the 5gal. She will look for a gravel pile to release them into so they can hide. Or look for the youtube videos on stripping African cichlids - you can force her to release them and then transfer her back.

I leave mine in the main tank and rarely see more than 4 fry from a batch - both my labs and demasonii. No idea how much is predation from the other adults and how much is hatch size.
Thanks everyone.
She should feel safe- its just her, a piece of driftwood, some floating live plants and a sponge filter....
I didnt want to strip her but may have to. I may add some rocks but thought a bare bottom tank was the way to go....

I purchased some frozen spirulina brine shrimp to start them out on

I'll let you know later tonight what I find....
We don't have a lot of info to go on for the number to expect. How old and how many times the female has bred will change the numbers. Also how effective the male was in fertilizing the eggs. If he had the territory firmly established, they should do well but not if he was straining to keep fish away. Ten to fifteen for a new girl, possibly 20-25 for an old hand. I like a flat rock that has lots of "ripples" on the bottom side for the fry. It gives them space to squeeze under where the female can't get them if she should decide to eat them. Not normally a problem but I feel better giving them a way to go. I never strip Africans as I don't feel it is needed and I don't want to risk breaking a jaw just for my impatience! She certainly knows more about when they are ready than I ever will. I try not to argue with Mother Nature. She has ways to get even.
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