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Yellow/Green Mosses

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I'm a prodigious killer of mosses, but usually they turn brown, not green/yellow. The moss in question was green and had modest growth until earlier this week.

What is this moss lacking? I never fert this tank.
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It could be an imbalance of fert to light ratio. What kind of lights do you have? Maybe you need to start dosing liquid ferts.

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Hey, I have a 23watt 6700k spiral bulb hanging on a light fixture. Mosses at all depths of my 7.8 gallon EBI (tall) tank are affected
It needs some macros. Mostly Nitrates.
Dosed 2ml each of N, P, K and a CO2 replacement. Let's see if it perks up. Thanks!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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