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Y.A.A. Ideas

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Y.A.A. "MEMBERS"!!! I'm thinking of making this a little bit more bigger. And I finally remembered why I wanted to create this little group. Because I wanted to take out the 18+ rule at APC!!!! Maybe I shouldn't mention APC in this forum but o well! We're hobbyists. I don't frequently post at all on APC or read too much on it because of this rule. I DO have an account but I try to lay low (not anymore) :-D. I would like to post some of my tanks on there because they seem to give great input on aquascapes there.

Ok well anyway, can anyone try to teach me or try to get a little forum or website together? Maybe a website and a forum to that website? Maybe little articles that could help the poor young people in need and how young people could use their money the correct way (I'm still learning to do that.)

And maybe we could design a banner. I was thinking maybe a collage of our tanks to show the world that young people can make awesome aquascapes as well. Or take a macro shot and put it next to the words Y.A.A. in a fancy font... Possiblities are endless.

Who can help?! Finals are close to a finish (I'm pretty much done) and summer vacation is coming so we have much more time right kids?!
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When I made an account it said you must be 18 years or older to join. And I lied :-D. I just wonder why they have this limit.
OH. It's gone. LOL. Time to delete and recreate an account, or just change birthdate if that's possible...
I signed up in oct 05 and I didn't have to lie about my age. Must have been a mistake after an update. I have never worried about my age on APC.

I think your idea is worth pursuing. Allowing younger people to talk and relate about aquascaping is worth attempting.
I still think we should have a website and banner thing, like S.F.B.A.A.P.S, or S.C.A.P.E.

Yea, i like the macro shots next to a fancy Y.A.A.

I'll see what i can come up with as far as a banner, but i'm not great with P&S macros, so post some macros. Also i would need a website to link it to.

OH, and anyone who's good at making forum/website things, rep up, we need ya!
Hey I'll add it to the loooong list of things to try and do this summer. I'll be making a few websites... Probably in MS front page but not too sure...

I've pretty much finished my 10g scape, probably should update that thread :icon_roll

looks pretty nice!

Ok, just whipped this up, LMK what ya think, if you don't like the pic, Take a better one and make the banner how you want, i can make it link to some where if you don't know how.

anywhos, here's my quick stab at a banner thing, input pls.

Hmm, i think the (Y.A.A ideas) will go away if it weren't linked to the forum, WE NEED A SITE!!!!!
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started a cheasy piczo site thing, if you want to add to it, Pm me and i'll give you the username/passwrd.
Here are a few. Yes I'm sorry I stole your concept SCAPE. It's just too brilliant not to copy. And young people copy. That's how they get original :-D. So its good. It represents us. Haha. Bad excuse.

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BTW any request for font? I used Olde English for most of them and Cloister Black (I think that's the name) for the first one. I prefer the Olde English, but are there any other nice looking fonts out there? I have too many on my computer and its a pain to look through every single one of them.
And maybe we should move this to General Planted Tank Discussion because 95 views is not too much and the Lounge doens't seem to attract too much attention to people while I see posts in General Planted Tank Discussion constantly being renewed by more newb questions :-D.
Im leaning towards the CRS and the plant. They are my favorite. Moving this to general planted tank discussion will definitely draw more attention.
I like it but I think its missing something. Not sure what. It just dont pop I guess you can say.
Yah the lettering could stand out more. And I would want to go with a more slimmer banner. And now the CRS one is in my siggy. I guess when we get a site up we could offer a few different ones. And I'll let other people contribute as well. We're going to make this a democracy!
Here's one using your photo dufus. I actually like the photo a lot. I photoshopped it a little (color, contrast).

Fonts not too shabby looking either.
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Yea, i was gonna slim it down last night, but i fell asleep!

i think i'll add that one to my sig.

heck, why can't everyone have their own banner? that would be cool.
sandiegoryu-That looks really cool. I like the font.

dufus-Is that a goby? Its hexa clean. Do you mean have their own banner on the site or in our sigs? On the site may make it a bit......confusing. In the sigs would be better.....Oh no I dont have any Macro Shots lol.
in the sigs.
For those who eother can't or don't want to make their own banner, they could use someone else's.

james- It's a zebra blenny, freshwater. he's fun.
Blenny and goby.....I always get them confused xD. That sounds good as far as sigs.
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