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Hello Planted Tank! This will be my first post here but I have been a regular visitor during my "research" period in getting into planted aquariums. After a while I had decided to become a member instead of just a visitor! :icon_surp

I've recently gotten into keeping a tank and am still pretty new at this stuff. So any advice is greatly appreciated =)

But basically I initially started by getting a single betta about 2 years ago and started in a small .5g "betta" tank and decided to give the little guy a better home and hopped onto a 10 gallon to give myself some room if I wanted to do something other than my betta in the future.

So in about January I started buying some plants from Petsmart then got bored of just having Swords in my tank and looked around into some local fish stores that carried a lot more.

About 2 months ago I ended up having this:

Now you may see the dwarf baby tears on the bottom, I knew it was a long shot to try and take care of them in a non CO2 or dirted tank, I had contemplated switching to a dirt but never did and they started dying off so i removed them.

The tank is a bit crowded with some of the plants being in my tank as a temporary home before I give them to my brother in a week or so (The big Anubias and a few of the swords) . I recently picked up the dwarf hair grass and haven't had time to trim or properly arrange them.

2x 18w CFL 6500k bulbs @ 10-12 hours of light per day (Have not seen more than negligible amounts of algae on the glass)
Aquaeon HOB
2-3 x Dosing of Excel / week
2 x Dosing of Flourish / week
Occasional Iron Dosing during water changes (Still not sure how much I should be adding if any, could someone give me advice on the amounts?)
3 x Root Tabs in the tank atm (recently added)
CaribSea Eco-Complete Substrate
API PH Down (the water here is something like a 8+, API test kit shows as dark blue)

With that being said, I'd love to hear any advice from anyone as like I said, I am still very new at this.

Thanks for looking at this thread!
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