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So I have a 20H tank, planted, low tech more or less. I have an AC110 and an AC50 on it but I want to swap those for a canister filter. Probably going to go with a Rena XP, best deal on ebay IMO. I plan to re-do the intake(s) and return; plumbing the intakes with pvc pipe under the substrate, maybe in two spots and then have it return to a spray bar that goes around most if not all of the top of the tank. I'm wondering if it would be possible if I did all this to slow the flow down enough to keep my tank from being a whirlpool but having enough flow for no dead spots. i.e. drilling several holes in spray bar and "excess" piping?

In order for me to keep both the AC110+50 running I had to slow the flow of the 110 by making little baffles with dollar store rulers, took two of them, broke em to size and just wedged them in there until the flow just kinda poured out, been working for over a year now however I want to change to a canister filter in order to keep noise to a minimum (1.5 feet from bed) and some other little things, cleaning etc...

I want to use an XP3 idealistically, due to it's size and 3 tray media spot.

What's a closed looped system and is it possible to do one with an XP3?

Lemme know what you guys think please

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