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I have 2 golfball portions of taiwan moss (that I got from Master503 recently) and about a fist sized portion of xmas moss.

$20 for all the taiwan moss (this includes flat rate shipping box)
$10 for the xmas moss (Sold)

I found a ramshorn snail in the taiwan moss which i killed but there might be others. I have only seen 1 in a week.

The xmas moss is from my 46 gallon and might have pond snail eggs but I haven't seen a pond snail in that tank in over 2 weeks but they might still be in there.

Shipping will be flat rate box $6

Willing to trade for fissidens fontanus (sorry if I spelled it wrong) or monte carlo carpet plant.

Mind your weather. I don't have heat packs

If no response I'll trade to my local fish store for store credit.

Shipped from Oregon


Xmas Moss on 8.5x11 paper


Taiwan Moss on 8.5x11 paper. Please keep in mind this was soldf to me as taiwan moss. If it isn't and you know what kind it is, I'll change the posting. Either way, it's for sale.

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