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X-ray tetra's bent back is straightening out?

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A little while ago, I picked up a single X-ray tetra from my LFS. His back was all bent, like you see sometimes on the fish with birth defects, and he was all alone in the sale tank. I thought I'd stick him in my 29g planted, where he'd have no one to compete with but tiny fish, and I'd give him a shot at a decent life. He didn't seem to be able to swim very well, just kind of limping around the tank.
Over the course of a few days, he's gotten way more active, and his backbone appears to be straightening. Given his species, I can actually see his backbone, and it's way less curled. What do you think is causing this?
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From what Ive seen, some fish will bend up in really terrible water conditions

Now that hes in clean water he is getting healthy again?
Wow that's really good. I have the same kind of fish, and when I got her she had a curved spine, didnt notice until I got home, she is 3 years old now and still kickin, curved spine and all.
I guess the dirty water thing makes sense... I'm moving him to my larger tank as soon as I can catch him, he's getting too feisty for the tinies in there. I just have to catch him... He got FAST!
you did a very nice thing in giving him/her a new home. Kudos to you for exercising compassion :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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