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First, here are a few pics of my tank so you can see where the plants came from (yes, I know it looks like a flooded vacant lot right now):

Plant community Plant Green Light Rectangle

Plant Plant community Terrestrial plant Vegetation Aquatic plant

Plant Plant community Botany Terrestrial plant Organism

Here is what I gathered this afternoon (10/3), laid out in an 18" x 36" tray:

Plant Plant community Botany Ingredient Rectangle

Plant Grass Terrestrial plant Flowering plant Rectangle

Going from left to right, here is what they are:

Java Fern:
I have two slightly different varieties in my tank. I've done my best to separate the two, but it can be hard to tell with the smaller plants. The first variety (left hand side of tray) has larger, broader leaves, and generally only grows from one end of a single stem. The second variety (right hand side of tray) has smaller leaves, grows a little faster, and tends to grow in more than one direction at a time.
From the first type I have: - 3 large, 4-5 medium and a few small plants.
From the second type I have: - 1 extra large & 8-10 small/medium plants.

Jungle Vals (Vallisneria americana gigantea): 4 plants about 18" tall

Uncertain Crypt: 6 plants 8-10" tall
I'm pretty sure these are a variety of Cryptocoryne wendtii, most likely "Bronze" based on the color of the leaves and the size of the plant. They all came from a single potted plant that I purchased from a LFS when I first set up the tank and had no clue what I was doing. The plant was mislabeled as a "bunch sword". When I first moved the tank I discovered it was actually 6-8 separate plants stuffed into one pot. Once I planted them separately they began to spread all over my tank. They just need a tiny bit of rhizome/root attached to the leaves and they'll grow.

Water Sprite (Ceratopteris thalictroides): 1 Large, 2 Med, & 4 Small plants.
They all have enough roots to be planted, or the smaller ones can float.

Sagittaria Subulata - Dwarf Narrow Leaf: 8 plants
I started with 10 small plants in early May and now have a nice carpet of them. Given room and light the leaves will grow out as much as up and only get 2-3" tall. I really like these guys.

Oriental Sword (Echinodorus orientalis): 2 Juvenile plants.
These were clipped from a bloom spike sent up by one of my Oriental Sword plants.

I'll trade the whole package for 20 adult Red Cherry Shrimp (15 if they are all large ones). I'd also accept other shrimp provided they are compatible but can't interbreed with Cherry shrimp, and are at least as large when grown. Obviously different shrimp are worth different amounts and I'd adjust the number accordingly.

I'm setting up a shrimp tank and I also need 6-8 bunches of Christmas or Singapore moss and would trade the entire plant package for the moss.

I can package and ship them however you prefer, although they probably won't go out until Wednesday. They're currently sitting in an east facing bay window so they have plenty of light for a short time.

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