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Trading my pb system:

Fluval diffuser (8$)
Switch ASA (10$)
1200psi gauge (3$)
Swagelok BOVM BKB (20$)

(Will include 20oz tank(30$) upon request and depending on the buce)

Or some rare crypts

All in all this is a 70 dollar set up!
I'm looking at:
C. Affinis
C. Bullosa
C. nuri pahang "mutated"
Other C spp.

ANY buce of ANY size

E. parkeri
E. cinerum
E. mato grasso
E. "mini taco"
Other E. spp.
Triruthia spp.

Hygrphila sp. 'purple'
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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