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I just picked up a 100 gallon tank in exchange for some other stuff. Along with the trade, I inherited 4 hitchhikers ;) . I am looking for someone to adopt them. I do not want to ship them as they have already been through enough stress. This needs to be for someone in the Dallas Forth Worth Area only.

I do not really know much about these kinds of fish, but I do not see any signs of disease on them. I currently have them in a quarantine tank and they seem to be doing pretty well. They are all eating.

A Pair of Jack Dempsys maybe? Maybe a mated pair?

Some type of Gourami?

A Severum I think?

Mainly I am looking for a good home for these guys. If you are so inclined and you happen to have it laying around, I am looking for:
1. Some type of Eco-Complete or flourite like Substrate, can be used. Mainly it needs to be black and good for plants.

2. 48" T5 bulbs, preferably the one of the GE 9325 bulbs and/or a 6500k - 10k bulb.

3. Some nice pieces of driftwood appropriate for a 100 gallon tank.

4. Pressurized Co2 equipment.

5. Glass lids for an old style 55 gallon tank (approx. 12"x23" x2)

The trade/donation is completely voluntary. First priority is finding a good home for these guys and gals.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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