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Hi - So I am just starting to begin my first planted tank. I am almost done gathering supplies. I need another week or two before this trade can happen. Maybe you are going to do a big trim job soon? If you have a large tank then this trade may be a complte steal for you.

For trade my 250 watt metal halide system. Complete setup. Has ballast with power to 250 W Metal Halide. It has a second separate power cord that currently powers two blue lights. The hood needs a coat of spray pain, some cleaning, the bulb and a new fan. That is it.

I would like to trade it for some plants to start my 30 gallon long planted tank. I have medium to high light and pressurized co2. I am looking for a strong starter package of plants (reds/greens) foreground, mid and background plants. I will pay for the shipping of the metal halide to you. Figure you are getting new $300 worth of equipment. But used. So I am looking for about $150-200 retail in plants in return. :fish:
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