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I have an extra WTT Marineland 36"-48" LED Fixture that I barely used, (way too much light with two of these running!).. I have it just gathering dust, so I'd like to see if anyone would like to trade me something for it.

It works for high light requirement plants.. I made the mistake of thinking these were not bright enough for high light plants, so I had my other one too close to the substrate, with no Co2 and wound up with algae EVERYWHERE!

I'm currently growing some nice Downoi, HC, Belem, etc under it with it about 18" above the substrate, and plants are all doing well.

I'm looking for:

High grade shrimps,

Substrate, preferable ADA Amazonia or something similar.

ADA, Mr Aqua, Starphire (or other brands) rimless tank.

Co2 equipment

Canister filter (Eheim, Fluval, Zoomed)

Rare plants

or just about anything else!


Here's a link to the light:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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