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im looking for a change in my tanks, so im looking to trade some of my extra frogbit, crypt wendtii,crypt spiralis, i have some flame moss, Bacopa monnieri... i think thats it, i do have some Hygro Corymbosa Siamensis, but its in iffy shape, so it will need some TLC if you get it.
will sell the above, but would rather trade.
some BBA might be on the Hygro Corymbosa Siamensis, and snails/red cherry shrimp warning in the flame moss.

what im looking for:
corkscrew vals
amazon swords
Ludwigia Sp. Red

interested in other trades too just let me know. i have a dual t5ho 55g set up with co2 injected. i want some more color in the tank just fyi.

early next week is the earliest i can ship out due to weather
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