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I am from Poland and i am looking mosses to exchange like:
- Jungermannia Pseudocyclop
- Notocyphus Lutenscens
- new Fissidens species like Adianthoides, Taxifolious or other

I can propose:
- Fissidens Grandifrons
- Homalia sp Rosa
- Jungermannia Truncata
- Blepharostoma Trichophyllum
- Plagiochilaceae sp. Cameroon
- Hyophila Involuta
- Fissidens Thailand
- Fissidens Mini Nobilis
.. and few more

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Please remember if you ship plants into the United States, the people you send the plants to need to have an import license.

If the package is screened by customs which happens often, then the recipient of the package gets a fine. $$$$ Just a warning.

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