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WTS/WTT Shrimps + inline diffuser

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Trying to bring down the population again in some other tanks. These will all be about peewee to juvie size.

Red Cherry Shrimps - 50 cents each
Amano Shrimps - $2 each
Orange Eye Blue Tigers - $6 each

I'm interested in fissiden, staurogyne repen, seiryu stone, or driftwood if you have for trade.

I also have an inline diffuser available. It's brand new, I bought the wrong size for my hoses.

16/22 mm Up Aqua Inline CO2 Diffuser - (sold)

Prefer Locals only for now. Kordon Breather Bags are on the way, but no news on tracking.
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Yup forgot to mention that they have arrived, I sent out a few packages already.

Just an FYI, I ordered from aquadesigninnovation about a month ago and no bags were ever sent to me. I tried emailing them, but no response. I ended up disputing it and ordering through kensfish which came immediately.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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