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Only one package left, ship date is Tuesday May 24th. Still looking for trades, can add some things on my end for the right plants. High on my list are things like:

Ludwigia inclinata sp
Ludwigia senegalensis
Dwarf Sagittaria / Micro sword
Open to others as well

Looking to sell or trade some of my pogostemon helferi, i have about 34 1"x1" rooted crowns, the crown is 1x1 the actual plants are larger, about 2.2 or more, please see photo below. I would like to get $1.50 per plant, plus shipping. I can fit them all in a small flat rate box, willing to split into three packages with 11 rooted crowns, for $16.50 plus shipping ($7).

I am also interested in furthering my collection, i am looking for harder to find plants, if you want to trade let me know.

These will be coming from my 75g high-tec aquarium, with bml lighting, direct co2 injection, and fertilizers.

The gird squares in the photo are 1/2" x 1/2" to show plant size.


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