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Cleaned up my tanks and pulled out what i no longer wanted.
Package will be $30 Shipped to buy, or i will trade it all for 10 or so Tiger Shrimp.
1)Large Bolbitis
Clump of Dwarf Sag
One stem of L Repens
Portion of Stringy moss on plastic mesh
Small portion of E Tenellus (or the new name?)
Baseball of Taiwan Moss
Argentine Sword
4-5 Stems of Giant Hygro
5 Stems Blyxa Japonica
Handful of Amazon frogbit and 1 or two mini water lettuce
And a Hydor mini heater (7w) i think
And anything else i feel like tossing in along the way.
Disclaimer: I do have MTS and Pond snails, and of course duckweed :icon_eek:

PM me with any questions.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.