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WTS or Trade overstocked plants. All grown submerged, most plants have been in my tanks for 5+ years.

SOLD - Anubias Nana Petite (50+ Rhizomes) - These are clumps that have fallen off the mother plants and in various stages of regrowth.
Christmas Moss (2-3 golf balls)
Rotala rotundifolia (15+ trimmed stems)
Bacopa amplexicaulis (~4 trimmed stems)
Vallisneria americana "Jungle Val" and Vallisneria torta "Spiral Val" (50+ shoots)

In the spirit of trick-or-treating...Duckweed floaters, Pond snails, Neocaridina shirmp, other random plants are possible. (If you want duckweed/pond snails I can include with other plants for FREE)

$100 for everything or best offer.
Full package offers > partial package offers.



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