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Hey everyone!

I have a kitchen sink of rocks that I would like to sell for $25 shipped.

Trades I would be interested in this would be swap for swap including shipping
  • Red Cherry Shrimp
  • Painted Red Cherry Shrimp (or any variation)
  • Other Shrimp?
  • Driftwood
  • Maybe one of those vacs that can hook to the sink? - At least 15 ft
  • Paintball CO2 setup

These rocks have been boiled for at least 2 hours and then allowed to go back to room temp, changed the water let them sit for the week and these do not alter PH (reading was 7.5 when filled with water, and 7.5 when checked today) and are now in the process of Air Drying.

Shipment will be via USPS Priority mail, The pictures are of them in the sink, the second picture is of them stacked up so you can see how many/much you're getting!

There is just about 15 yes FIFTEEN pounds of rock here

Here they are in the sink:
Natural material Artifact Circle Metal Fashion accessory

And here they are stacked up in two piles against the cutting board, the strips of paper are internet rulers and measure 9"
Wood Artifact Font Bedrock Rock

These would be great in smaller tanks to create caves, rock scenery, I have done in my 10g

I will be having some other stuff here soon but I just haven't gotten it all around for pictures

PM for more info! I will ship these as fast I as I do on ebay, if any of you are interested in viewing my ebay feedback let me know, I am a top rated seller over there so I do ship quickly :)
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