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I have a good amount of these three. I have no idea what the interest is on these plants so if the price seems to high for you I am negotiable.

These plants came out of my 60g iwagumi tank. They all might contain minimal amounts of algae but I haven't had any problems for quite a while. I only say this because I pulled the HG in huge mats so I haven't pulled them apart to look for clado or anything. I will remove any I see and I haven't seen any yet.

I love all three of these plants but I am going for a glosso scape and need to get rid of a bunch of plants.

It took a long time to grow all of this hairgrass and its really thick stuff.

A tight wad as big as a quarter of eleocharis parvula for:

5 plants of E. tenellus(the one that turns red under high light) for:

I plant E. angustifolius (25+ leaves about 7-8" leaves) for
I have a few of each mentioned above.

Shipping will be $5.

I won't be able to respond until Friday so please be patient, maybe thursday night. These will preferably be shipped
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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