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I'm just getting into a planted tank and I need some plants.
I'm going high-tech, I've got CO2, 4x54W lights (not sure how I'm going to run them yet in terms of time), I've got ferts ordered, and I've got a mix of flourite sand and normal sand, as well as turface that I'm going to in different areas of the tank. If it matters I have a KH of about 8-9 and a GH of about 11.

It is 55g, and right now I have no set plans for fish for it, I figured I would get the plants going and get the fish later.
I've got a large piece of driftwood that I would like to have some moss or grass of some sort to grow on.

So I need some forground plants, background plants, and everything inbetween. I'm learning the plants still, but right now I don't have any specific plants that I know I want. I do want a decent variety, and I would like a moss of some sort for a carpet for at least a corner of the tank.

I've also got a low-tech shrimp tank and would like some low light moss for them.

Seeing as how I live in Wyoming, it would be nice if I could get from someone relatively close because it could be a week shipping from the east coast. Also, I have to have someone that will insulate the box and has heatpacks available, because we're not going to see temperatures above freezing for at least 2 more months. I can have it shipping to work so it won't have to sit outside though.

Looking at having them shipped this Monday or next so they should hopefully get here before a weekend, but not sooner because I'm still in the process of cleaning the tank (hardwater deposites is all) so I won't have it set up and ready to plant until next week.

Price isn't a big issue, I'm willing to pay what is needed to get a good start.
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