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Hello - - not really sure if this is the proper type of post / I should just look what's being offered already, let me know if this isn't proper etiquette...

I am looking to work with someone to design a package of plants for my first "big-to-me" planted tank. I'm posting this several days ahead of feeling like I'll be ready to ship because I want to see what kind of interest and pricing there is out there from folks. I promise to give a fair shake and won't waste your time past 1-2 PMs if it doesn't seem like we agree. It's possible I need to work with more than one person based on who's got upcoming trimmings etc.

From what I understand I want to "pack" the tank with fast growing stem plants and then after a month or so I can start really narrowing in on plant choices from those ones and also putting in some rooted plants or "foreground" plants. I'm thinking this means at least a few-to-several dozen plants.

It will be 1-2 weeks from now before I am ready to receive shipment (Sept 7-12th) - I will know in a day or so when I get shipping estimates on the filters etc...

2 Coralife 2-bulb T5NO fixtures (for light spread) and pressurized CO2 will be in place. It will likely take me a few days to really dial in the CO2 so not looking for expensive and/or fragile species.

I'm not opposed to throwing in a couple rooted and foreground plants that I could start on (don't see why not as long as I still maintain a lot of stem capacity). I actually enjoyed watching my Crypt Wendtii Red really take off in my 20 gallon tank which was a low-tech (w/ EI dosing) for a few weeks prior to breaking it down into un-planted and focusing on the stand and equipment for a 40 breeder.

One thing I'd ask from anyone is that the plants they ship are labeled w/ species name...

Please PM or post if you regularly post trimmings/etc and i'd be able to find what you have and look them up...
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