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I am interested in buying a group of plants. The local fish store never carries plants, but when he does, he rapes the customer BAD!!! Not to mention his plants are in bad shape. I did support him, but wow, I can't afford that anymore. I don't know what the different types of plants are, but am willing to learn as time goes on. I am a full time student (again) and am a retired saltwater guy (full blown SPS tanks). My tank is a 40g breeder. I have flourite as the substrate. I plan to run co2 as soon as I get a new pH probe for my controller (left over from my saltwater days)(I got good advice from Preuss Pets in Lansing, MI on how to control the pH in the tank). My lights are 4 x 65w PC's (2 x 10k's and 2 x actinics - probably not the best for freshwater, but it's what i have for the moment.) As far as livestock, I have mostly tetra's. I love em!!

I am going to need snails too.

I like the smaller, low-to-the-ground plants. Whether they are ferns or moss, I am not too sure. I will post pics of my system soon.

What do you recommend and what do you have available?? Can you give me a total price for plants shipped to 49913?? Please PM me.

Thanks for your time.

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