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Hi folks I am about to setup a new tank I hope somebody here got what I am looking for.

Rotala sp green

Rotala rounifoila

Rotala indica <------- really my 2nd choice if nobody has the other two


S repens <-------- just a few will do

Downoi <----------Just a few crowns if you don't have it no worries

Or any other colorful plants you may have

I don't need much those plants will be going to a 17 gallon tank

I am also getting DHG and HC but I can order those at a sites

Plants must be super healthy

Basically I am looking for some nice Background plants

Must be algae free

I prefer the plants with out any snails

I am running co2 and high lighting

Let me know what you guys got and send me some pictures of the plants

I am paypal ready so let's talk and see what you got and let's make a deal

I am looking to start this tank off right so the plants has to be on point ....sorry for being picky

Ps. If you have moss I would like to check out what you have too must be healthy and nice off course

Xmas moss--fissidens--mini pellia --mini fissidens -- taiwan moss

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Time to trim my planted tanks again, so I have the following plants for sale.
Lud. Sp. Red $2 per stem
Bacopa Carolina $1 per stem
Rotala Inclinata $1 per stem
Watersprite $1.25 per plant
Wisteria $1.25 per stem
Lud. Sp. Sunset $1.50 per stem
Bacopa Sp.? Came in as a contaminent with a shipment $1 per stem
Alt. Reinekii $1.25 per stem
Sagitaria Sp. Leopard $1.50 per runner
Hygro. (Willow) few stems $1 per stem

Shipping is around $7
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