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It's been a few years since I was really involved in here due to marriage etc.
I remember many of you helped me get started with some good stem packages back then and only thing left from then is a struggling (maybe beyond help) Amazon sword and a few of another type that are always sending out runners but never really take hold.
So. It's a community tank including shrimp so no ferts and relatively low tech lighting.
I am not a wealthy man but I can pay some for a good package in addition to the shipping charge.
Anyone got some stuff that will fit that bill?
Oh it's a 55g so plenty of room for larger (when grown) plants.

Was hoping for these type of stems (or similar) if possible.

Ludwigia sp. Red
Green color ludwigia
amazon sword
s. repens
Rotala Green
Rotala H
Lindernia sp
Echinodorus Red Flame

Obviously a RAOK is clearly what you have that you are generously offering.

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