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First of all, I don't really care what the plants are, as long as they will survive in the tank. It's my boyfriend's tank and he wants it "green" (some red-ish would be acceptable as well). I have plenty of moss, crypts and Java fern, I'm just lacking a couple stems of something, some sort of foreground plant, and a couple vals.

Tank Specs:
Size: standard AG 10gal
Lighting: 2.0wpg flourescent
Ferts: fishy poo
Substrate: brown gravel
Fauna: Paradise fish, 3 baby BN

Plants that I think might work: Dwarf Sag, Green Hygro, L. Repens, Hygro 'Sunset', Vallisneria (any)

I'm open to suggestions. Offer whatever you think would work and can spare a little of.
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