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I'm looking to buy Smaller portions of all the above, Flame moss, Micro Sword, Cabomba "red" and Vesuvius (like this )

Also, I am verrry interested in 2-3 (don't have to be sexed) Dwarf Orange Crayfish (I really like the orange, but I think there are also blue and white versions? I might go for those too. )

Corydoras Habrosus, I have one that I bought thinking it was just a baby cory. Turns out it's one of the Dwarf Cories-the fish store I bought him from can't even order them usually-he was an accident :) Anyway, he needs some friends.

And, the twig catfish. (Like this ) I have yet to find a petstore willing to order them in Tallahassee.

Thank you all for reading!

Edit: I found the flame moss!
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