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WTB: Cherry Shrimp

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I am visiting my family in Hawaii and will finally set up a small cherry shrimp tank for my friend in Hawaii. Looking for about 20 good quality cherry shrimp on Oahu that is locally bred. I will need the shrimp sometime the week of June 20th. PM me with pricing and availability. Thanks.
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Hello - just asking again if anybody has RCS to sell. Thank you!
i actually just ordered 25 cherry shrimp from Amazon. They havent arrived yet. But i plan on breeding them on Oahu. They definitely wont be ready by that date tho.
Appreciate you trying to help me.
Careful, technically Neos are considered an alien species and are not allowed to be imported here. If you are in a pinch, head to Manoa stream and the wild variant is flourishing there. They range from brown to clear but once and awhile you get a blue/green...

But there are members here that do have RCS's. =)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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