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I recently returned from Iraq, and my 'new' planted tank was a skeleton of what I began with. Of course, I am brand new to planted tanks (which may have been my first problem). I am looking for some good beginner plants. This is my first post, I am brand new to this forum, pretty excited so far!

I have a 65 gal (36Wx18wx24H) and have a new Coral Life Aqualight fixture. I have the opportunity to get a Coral Life Lunar Aqualight (but am not sure that would work for a freshwater tank as well as my current light)

I do have a CO2 tank that I am attempting to figure out. Hopefully one of you can assist me with that as well. There is latirite along the bottom, so I may just be ready for success.

I have a bunch of Java fern and Anubis, 1 sword, and one large moss ball. I'm looking for moss, and any easy foreground and background plants.

I'm in the Denver area. I would prefer to pick up locally, but am happy to get them shipped.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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