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WTB Amano shrimp

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Anybody know where i can get a couple amano shrimp locally? closer to chicago south suburbs the better :)
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Check you PetCos they sometimes have them labeled Japanese Algae eating shrimp.

Aquarium Adventure in Bolingbrook is another possibility.
thanks guys. i know the petco by me in orland park doesnt have any for sure.. ill have to check out that animal island. i didnt even know it was there.

btw stangmus those red rilis i got from you are doing great. found some little shrimplets last week and now they look pretty big compared to the size of them when i saw them. heres a pic of 2 of them.


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Animal Island has some. Right in front in the small tanks by the register marked algae eating shrimp. Also have some CRS when I was in there on sat.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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