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WTB 5 gallon aquarium

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I dont have a lot of money and i am just getting back into aquariums and i would like to start with a simple 5 gallon tank, i dont mind buying one new i just figured i would try here first to see if anyone has one they no longer need. Thanks
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Judging by your other post about getting a 1.5 set up it sounds like you are really looking to get into the game haha. Since you are on a limited budget this is my suggestion, go pick yourself up a 10 gallon tank at Petco, they are currently having they're $1 a gallon sale. From there take the next few months to save money and to research and really plan out your tank. After you get the tank I'd look into getting a filter, I'd suggest an Aquaclear 20-30. Where I went wrong with my tank is I bought everything and spent a bunch of money, struggled to keep things going and THEN did a bunch of research to try to correct my mistakes. If I did it over I would first make a list of all equipment and really figure out what I wanted to accomplish with my setup. All that being said, do your homework, set a goal and shoot for that so you can have success right from the start and avoid the headaches and discourage of trying to fix things that could have been avoided by going slowly. Take it from someone who knows haha.
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